DPF Cleaning Equipment


Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning System

Our state of the art Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning system uses what we call “Dual Force” technology where compressed air and intense vacuum is used┬ásimultaneously┬áto push from the top and pull from the bottom to force the contaminated soot from the filter cells. The EvacuBlast has a built in pressure differential test system to evaluate the filter before, during and after the cleaning process is completed. Each filter has a different “flow pattern” on where the exhaust enters the DPF when on the truck. These flow patterns usually create more soot concentrated in a specific part of the DPF loading up excessive soot in that area. This is what we call the gum ball. Our system allows us to work on that area until clean where other automated systems don’t. With the combined compressed air and intense vacuum working in sequence, there is no other machine that can clean a filter the way this can.

  • The only system in the industry that has DUAL FORCED Air pressure
  • Able to focus on the bad part of the filter until it is cleaned properly
  • The most thorough and cost effective DPF Cleaning Machine on the market
  • Turn Key Operation
  • Capable of handling any DPF on the market today!
  • By Far the most versatile system in the US


Diesel Particulate Filter Baking System

EvacuBurn is designed to facilitate the cleaning process of dirty filters. In some cases a filter may need to be baked due to amounts of wet soot, unburned hydrocarbons and must be baked in order to regenerate the soot to ash that cannot be effectively removed with just any air induced system. EvacuBurn controller is programmed to ramp up the temperature at a rate that will not crack the substrate of the filter. The EvacuBurn holds the temperature constant for two hours to ensure a complete regeneration of the filter. The EvacuBurn controller then automatically decreases temperature at a controlled rate to protect the filter substrate.

  • Fully programable Electronic Temp Controls
  • Single Push Button Start
  • Front Loading for easy positioning
  • Accommodates multiple DPF’s during a single cycle
  • 6 different control settings for different applications of baking